The Kentucky Collegiate Quick Recall League

UK, UL win at Eastern Kentucky University
JCTC wins NAQT national championship
March 6, 2016

The University of Kentucky continued its domination of Division I this year by going undefeated at a KCQRL match held in Richmond Kentucky last weekend.  The Wildcats went 5-0 and improved their season record to 24-0.  Murray State and Cumberlands finished tied for 2nd place with records of 3-2, with Murray State taking the 2nd place trophy by virtue of a head-to-head victory earlier in the day.  Also competing in Division I were host EKU, Transylvania, and UPike.

In Division II, Louisville ran the table and finished a perfect 5-0.  They were never threatened.  JCTC finished 2nd (4-1), Cumberlands A finished 3rd with a 3-2 record.  Rounding out the field in Division II were EKU, Cumberlands B, and UPike.


UPike had transportation issues, as their van broke down about 20 minutes from the location of the tournament.  They did eventually make it to Richmond, and although they had to forfeit the first round, Coach Amanda Runyon was just happy to be there, adding, "I thought we were stuck forever.  I've never been happier to make it to a tournament."

The next league match takes place on March 26th at the University of Louisville. 

In non-KCQRL news, Jefferson Community and Technical College won their first national championship the weekend of February 26th in Atlanta, GA.  Jefferson entered the tournament ranked 4th, but finished the tournament with a perfect 12-0 record, defeating defending champion State College Manatee (Florida) in the finals.  Chipola (FL) was 3rd, Faulkner State (AL) finished 4th.   The CCCT (Community College Championship Tournament) pits the top 24 Community Colleges from sectional tournaments against each other over 2 days.  Math professor and coach of Jefferson couldn't have been happier, adding, "We worked really hard this year, and I've got a great group of folks.  We've been knocking on the door the last several years, and I thought this was our best chance to win a title.  We've won 5 straight sectional championships, but a national championship is just a different league." 

By winning the Community College Championship Tournament, Jefferson qualifies to attend the Intercollegiate Championship Tournament to be held in Chicago on April 9th.  Jefferson will take on the likes of Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Notre Dame.  The University of Louisville's Division I team will also be competing at this tournament in Division I.  "Our league will be represented well in Chicago" said President of KCQRL Matt Church.  He hopes his U of L team can make a run in Division I as they enter the ICT ranked in the top 10.  The top 32 teams in Division I, the top 28 teams in Division II, and the top 4 CC's make up the field in Chicago. 

Louisville, UPike win in Pikeville,
UK wins JCTC Tournament
January 31, 2016

The Kentucky Collegiate Quick Recall League stayed busy over the recent holidays, with 2 tournaments taking place in the commonwealth.  The first tournament was in Pikeville on November 14th, and the University of Louisville took top honors in Division I with a perfect 5-0 record.  Transylvania, Cumberlands, and UPike A all finished with 3-2 records, but Transylvania took the 2nd place trophy by virtue of scoring the more points in head to head matchups among the 3, and Cumberlands similarly edged out UPike A.  In Division II Upike took top honors with a 5-1 record, Cumberlands A and B took 2nd and 3rd place, and Big Sandy finished 4th.

On January 16th, 14 teams converged on the SW campus of Jefferson Community & Technical College for a NAQT-style tournament.  In Division I, UK A came out on top with a 7-0 preliminary record, followed by Louisville A with a 6-1 record.  Kentucky B (4-3) and Transylvania (3-4) also finished in the top 4 to make the top bracket.  After the re-bracket, Kentucky A again came out on top, having a higher PPB than Louisville.  Also playing well in Division I were Kentucky C, Murray State, Eastern Kentucky University, and Cumberlands.  Individual scoring awards were also presented at this tournament:  1st Neelav Detta Kentucky A (87 ppg), 2nd Evan Singleton EKU (66 ppg), 3rd Austin Smith Kentucky B (65 ppg), 4th Amos Zoeller Louisville (62 ppg) and 5th place Bryant Powell Murray State (47 ppg). 

Division II saw Kentucky take top honors with a 9-1 record, followed by Louisville at 8-2, and host JCTC A third at 7-3.  EKU, JCTC B and Cumberlands rounded out the Division II field.  Taking top scoring honors in Division II was Cam Newton Kentucky (79 ppg), followed by Michael Riggs Kentucky (57 ppg), Michael Martin EKU and Thomas Rosbottom Louisville (51 ppg), and in 5th place was Mohammed Hindi from Louisville at 42 ppg. 

At roughly the half-way point in the season, things are tightening up in the standings, and it is still anyone's championship to win.  The League has 3 scheduled matches left in the 2015-2016 season - March 5th at Eastern Kentucky University, March 26th at the University of Louisville, and April 2nd at Ohio University Southern, which will likely determine the overall Champion in Division I and Division II.

UK, UL Battle in Louisville
UK takes DI, UL DII
October 12, 2015

With temperatures dropping outside as the fall season kicks in, the action in the KCQRL is heating up.  In the 2nd match of the year held at the University of Louisville, the wildcats of Kentucky took home 2 of the top 3 spots in Division I.  Kentucky's A team finished unbeaten at 7-0, finishing ahead of 2nd place Louisville at 6-1.  Kentucky B ran 3rd, while Transylvania, Cumberlands, UPike, Kentucky C and Murray State all played well in the 8 team field at U of L.  The tournament was played "NAQT - Style", and the top 4 scorers in Division I were Neelav (UK A), Austin (UK B), Amos (U of L), and Megan (Transylvania).

In Division II, Louisville turned the tables on UK and took 1st place.  JCTC finished well for 3rd place, while UPike, Cumberlands, Jefferson B and Big Sandy rounded out the 7 team Division II field.  Leading scorers in Division II were Thomas (U of L), Michael and Cam (Kentucky) and Brandon (Jefferson A).  The league takes a few weeks off before resuming play at UPike on November 14th.

2015-2016 Season Kicks off at Cumberlands
UK, JCTC early winners
September 20, 2015

The 2015-2016 season got underway this past Saturday on a beautiful sunny day on the rolling hills of Williamsburg Kentucky.  With defending champion University of Louisville noticeably absent in both divisions, the University of Kentucky appeared for the first time in over a decade, and promptly took care of business in Division I, taking the top 2 trophies.  UK A ran the table and finished a perfect 5-0, while UK B took second at 3-2.  Transylvania wasn't far back, also finishing at 3-2 and took the 3rd place trophy back to Lexington as well.  Also playing well in Division I were Eastern Kentucky University, the University of the Cumberlands, and UPike. 

In Division II, Jefferson Community and Technical College A was a perfect 5-0, and took home top honors.  Their B team finished tied for 2nd place with Big Sandy, both with 3-2 records.  Jefferson B was awarded 2nd though based on its head to head victory over Big Sandy.  EKU finished 4th with several close losses, while Cumberlands and UPike rounded out the field of 6 Division II teams at the University of the Cumberlands.  Several matches in Division II were decided by 5 points or less.

Andrew Wolfe, 1st year head coach of the University of the Cumberlands, ran a fine tournament in his first time hosting.  EKU coach Erik Lidell noted, "The donuts were great, lunch was great, and the tournament ran smoothly without any major problems and on time, I was impressed."  With 12 teams competing in the opening match, and several new teams thinking about joining the league this year (including Georgetown and Elizabethtown CC), the future of KCQRL looks bright.  The next league match occurs at the University of Louisville on October 10th.  Pikeville and Murray State will also host KCQRL matches this fall semester.

Cardinals are Season Champs Again
UPike, EKU take 2nd place Awards

For the 5th year in a row in Division I, and 6th year in a row in Division II, the University of Louisville has won season titles in the Kentucky Collegiate Quick Recall League under the direction of Matt Church.  Longtime coach and statistician at Jefferson Pete Rodski said "I hate to use the word dynasty, but this is as close to a dynasty in quizbowl as I have ever seen."

In Division I, Louisville finished the year with an impressive 18-0 record (best 3 matches), 22-1 overall.  They were followed by UPike A at 14-5 (best 3) and 14 - 5 overall.  The University of Cumberlands finished the year in third place under the direction of longtime coach Al Pilant, who earlier in the year announced his retirement after several decades of coaching and hosting tournaments.  Rounding out the field in the season standings were Murray State in 4th, EKU in 5th, Transylvania in 6th, Ohio University Southern in 7th, Miami (Ohio) in 8th, and UPike B in 9th. 

Division II was also won by Louisville, who went a perfect 18-0 in the 3 matches it competed in.  EKU edged out Jefferson A for second place with a 16-2 record (best 3 matches) verses 14-4 best 3 by Jefferson A.  Both had impressive overall records:  EKU at 23-7 and Jefferson A at 17-7.  In 4th place was Big Sandy, followed by Cumberlands A, Jefferson B, UPike, Cumberlands B, Transylvania, and EKU B.

The end of the season also saw individual and coaching awards presented.  In Division I, the All-KCQRL Team was announced:  Alex Franklin (UCumberlands), Megan Graft (Transylvania), Evan Pittman (UPike), Ramapriya Rangaraju (Louisville) and Beth Spencer (EKU).  The Division II Team:  Eric Bradley (Jefferson A), Katie Edwards (Jefferson C), Marion Eicholtz (Jefferson B), Zane Mahue (Big Sandy), Michael Martin (EKU B), Tristan New (Cumberlands), Grayson Ratliff (Upike), Evan Singleton (EKU A), and Clayton Truman (Louisville). In honor of all the great years of service of Al Pilant, the coaches Award was renamed in his honor.  Winning coach of the year honors were Matt Church and Al Pilant in Division I, and Eddie Bobbit / Pete Rodski splitting the honors in Division II. 

Outside of KCQRL, Jefferson Community and Technical College continued its impressive run on the national level, finishing in the top 5 for the 4th consecutive year at the Community College Championship Tournament in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 2015-2016 kicks off in September at UCumberlands.  The schedule is robust, with 8 league matches scheduled.

2014 - 2015 Season Kicks Off
18 Teams Compete in Fall Season

The 2014 - 2015 season is underway in the Kentucky Collegiate Quick Recall League, and if the first 3 tournaments are any indication, this year could be one of the most exciting in recent memory.  With 3 tournaments completed, 18 teams have competed, 8 in Division I and 10 in Division II.  At the half-way point of the year, the University of Louisville leads Division I with a 12-1 record, followed closely by UPike (10-4) and Cumberlands (12-7).  Louisville also leads Division II with a perfect 13-0 record, followed by EKU A at 14-5, and Jefferson CC A at 8-5.

The first tournament of the year was held at Cumberlands in the beautiful rolling hills of Williamsburg KY on a warm, sunny September day.  Louisville, Cumberlands, and Miami of Ohio all finished with identical records of 4-1 in Division I.  Louisville was awarded the winner's trophy after tiebreakers, with Cumberlands 2nd, and Miami taking the 3rd place trophy.  Division II saw Louisville go undefeated at 6-0, Transylvania making its first appearance in the KCQRL in several years finishing 2nd at 5-1, and EKU taking 3rd place honors at 4-2.  The Cumberlands tournament drew 6 Division I teams and 8 Division II teams.  Said longtime Cumberlands coach and Tournament Director Al Pilant, "I think we serve the best donuts in the state, that's why folks keep coming back.  Word gets around."

The 2nd tournament of the season was held at UPike in early November, and saw the host UPike A easily take top honors in Division I with a perfect 6-0 tournament record.  Cumberlands finished 2nd again, with EKU taking 3rd place.  In Division II, EKU ran the table at 6-0, followed by Cumberlands (2nd) and Big Sandy (3rd).

The final tournament of the fall semester was held at the University of Louisville on December 6th, and featured NAQT style tournament play.  With 5 teams in Division I and 8 teams in Division II coming to Louisville looking for hardware, Louisville held the home-court advantage and captured both crowns, winning Division I with a perfect 8-0 record and taking Division II with a perfect 7-0 record.  2nd place in Division I went to UPike at 4-4, 3rd place went to Murray State, also at 4-4.  Incredibly Cumberlands was also 4-4, but took 4th after the tiebreakers.  In Division II, Jefferson A took 2nd place with a 5-2 mark, followed by Big Sandy (4-3), and EKU (4-3).  Overall scoring honors in Division I went to Ram (Louisville) followed by Thomas (UPike) and Daniel (Cumberlands).  In Division II, Clayton (Louisville) took home individual scoring honors, followed by Zane (Big Sandy) and Max (Louisville).  Louisville coach Matt Church thought the NAQT style went well, adding "Several coaches who had never seen this format really enjoyed it, the kids seemed to like it too."

The League takes a well deserved break for the holidays before resuming tournament play on February 21st in Richmond, Kentucky on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University.

Louisville Wins Season Titles in KCQRL
Cumberlands, Big Sandy take 2nd place awards
April 9, 2014

For the 4th year in a row, teams from the University of Louisville captured season long crowns in both Division I and Division II.  You would have to go all the way back to the 2009-2010 season to find a different champion, when Georgetown College captured the Division I title.  In Division I, the Cardinals finished the season at 19-2 in league play, with a best 3 matches record of 16-1.  The battle for 2nd place was tight, with the University of the Cumberlands (11-8) and Upike (10-9) finishing with similar records.  Cumberland's best 3 record was 9-4, just edging out UPike at 9-5.  Also competing this year were teams from Eastern Kentucky University (4th), Ohio University Southern (5th), Murray State University (6th), University of Louisville B (7th) and UPike B (8th).

Division II was also taken by U of L, with an impressive season long record of 20-1.  In their best 3 matches, they finished a perfect 15-0.  Big Sandy took the 2nd place season award with an overall record of 13-6, and best 3 record of 11-4, just nudging out 3rd place finisher Jefferson, with an overall (and best 3 record) of 10-5.  Finishing in 4th was the University of the Cumberlands, then UPike, Jefferson B and Jefferson C.

In the final match of the season, U of L took both awards at Ohio University Southern in Ironton Ohio.  Division I champ U of L finished the tournament tied with Cumberlands with a record of 4-1, but by virtue of their head-to-head victory over Cumberlands was awarded the 1st place trophy.  EKU and Murray state also finished tied for 3rd with 3-2 match records, but EKU was awarded 3rd by their better head-to-head record.  Also playing well were UPike and host Ohio Southern, who hosted another fantastic tournament.  In Division II, Louisville cleared the field at 5-0, followed by Jefferson A at 4-1.  Big Sandy and Cumberlands tied for 3rd with identical 3-2 records, but Big Sandy took the 3rd place trophy by beating Cumberlands earlier in the day.  Also competing in Ironton were Jefferson B, UPike, and Jefferson C.

On March 8, 2014, Big Sandy hosted a Kentucky Collegiate Quick Recall League Tournament on its Pikeville Campus.  Finishing first in Division I was the University of Louisville, followed by UPike A, and Cumberlands.  In Division II top honors went to U of L, with Big Sandy taking 2nd, and Cumberlands rounding out the top 3.

The December meet at the University of Louisville had to be postponed due to snow, but was held January 11th.  Playing under NAQT format for the first time in the history of the league, U of L used its past experience at this format and took home 1st place trophies in both divisions.  Their B team also took 2nd place in Division I, with Eastern Kentucky University enjoying the new format and taking the 3rd place trophy.   Jefferson A and Jefferson B finished just behind Louisville in Division II.

On November 16th, without top contender U of L present, UPike hosted a league match and used its home court advantage to secure the top spot in Division I.  Murray State had a nice tournament and finished 2nd, while Cumberlands notched another top 3 finish in 3rd.  Division II was won by Big Sandy, with Cumberlands taking 2nd, and UPike good enough to get 3rd.

This season also saw some KCQRL teams have success at the National level.  The University of Louisville qualified for the Intercollegiate Championship Tournament in Chicago for the first time at the Division I level, and finished 23rd in the country in an extremely tough field.  Under the leadership of Coach Matt Church, the team managed to knock off  Columbia, Florida, and Ottawa, among others.  And Jefferson CC finished 5th in the country for the 3rd year in a row at the Community College Championship Tournament in Atlanta.  Coach Pete Rodski was thrilled, adding "This was supposed to be a rebuilding year, but to finish top 5, with virtually my whole team coming back next year, is tremendous."

The coach of the year awards for the 2013-2014 season have been announced and the winners were Matt Church (Louisville) and Jane Pixley (Big Sandy).  Also announced were the All-KCQRL teams:  Division 1 - Austin Brownlow (Louisville), Christian Wright (UPike), Daniel Yetter (UCumberlands), Donovan Kerns (Eastern Kentucky University) and Caleb Blackburn (Ohio University Southern).  In Division II: Megan Seldon (Louisville), Collan McCoy (UPike), Eric Bradley (Jefferson A), Marion Eicholtz (Jefferson B), Katie Edwards (Jefferson C), Cody Bishop (UCumberlands) and Zane Mahue (Big Sandy).

The league takes a well deserved rest before starting the 2014-2015 season in September at Cumberlands.

Louisville Wins Opening Tournament in KCQRL

Division I and Division II at Cumberlands goes to U of L
September 28, 2013

The opening tournament of the 2013-2014 saw more of the same as the previous season, with both University of Louisville's teams capturing 1st place trophies at the University of the Cumberlands on a beautiful Saturday in Williamsburg, Kentucky.

In Division I, U of L actually lost its first match of the day to a resilient UPike team 40-38, before bouncing back and winning the next 3 matches.  U of L finished the day with a 3-1 record, identical to host Cumberlands, but was awarded 1st place because of its head-to-head victory over Cumberlands.  UPike and Eastern Kentucky University both finished the day with 2-2 records, but EKU got 3rd place by beating UPike earlier in the day.  Ohio University Southern also competed in Division I.

Division II also went to U of L, as their team completed the day with a perfect 4-0 record.  Jefferson Community & Technical College placed 2nd with a 3-1 record, and Big Sandy Community & Technical College placed 3rd with a 2-2 record.  Big Sandy actually gave U of L's Division II team their toughest match of the day, a 39-35 game that came down to the last few questions.  Rounding out the Division II field were Cumberlands and UPike.

The next league match will be at UPike on November 16th.

Louisville Wins Division I & Division II Titles in the KCQRL
U of L wins DI home match, Div II goes to Pikeville
April 6, 2013

Maybe Louisville is the new "Title Town."  With the mens basketball team coming off a thrilling national championship, the Cardinal quick recall teams followed suit with their own titles, finishing the season in first place in both Division I and Division II after the final league match held this past Saturday at the University of Louisville.  Louisville's Division I A team finished the season a perfect 23-0, while the Division II team finished at 16-1.

In the final league competition, U of L won the Division I crown with a perfect 4-0 record, besting 2nd place finisher Pikeville (3-1) and 3rd place finisher Murray State (2-2).  Rounding out the field in Division I were EKU (4th place) and Cumberlands (5th place).

Division II certainly was a horse-race, with 3 teams finishing the day with 3-1 records - Pikeville, Jefferson A, and Big Sandy.  With all 3 teams each losing once to each other, it came down to total points among matches involving the 3 teams, and Pikeville was awarded 1st place.  Jefferson took 2nd, while Big Sandy got the 3rd place trophy.  Also competing in the last league match in Division II were Miami (OH) and Jefferson B.

Season standings were also determined at this last match, with the aformentioned Cardinal teams taking top honors in both divisions.  Pikeville had the 2nd best season record in Division I, with Murray State taking home the 3rd place season trophy.  Rounding out the top 5 for the season in Division I were Eastern Kentucky University and the University of the Cumberlands.  In Division II, Big Sandy took 2nd place in the season standings, followed by Pikeville, Jefferson, and Miami (OH).

The all - league team will be announced soon, as will the coaches of the year.

Louisville Continues Winning Ways at EKU
Jefferson and Louisville both qualify for ICT in regional action
March 2nd, 2013

In the first league match held in 2013, the University of Louisville continued its winning ways by taking both Division I and Division II in a KCQRL match held in Richmond Kentucky on the beautiful campus of Eastern Kentucky University this past Saturday.

In Division I, the cardinals were a perfect 4-0, increasing their season record to 19-0.  UPike had a nice tournament, finishing in 2nd place with a 3-1 record.  Cumberlands finished 3rd with a 2-2 record.  Murray State and host EKU also competed in the tournament.

Division II was also claimed by Louisville, with a 5-1 record.  Their only loss of the match (and first of the season) came at the hands of Big Sandy, whose 3-3 record was good enough to get the 2nd place trophy.  Louisville (B) and UPike finished in a tie for 3rd place, with Louisville taking the trophy based on total scores.

The past few months also saw some impressive performances by KCQRL schools outside of the league.  In January, Louisville's Division II team finished tied for 5th in the Region 5 Sectional in Tennessee, and easily qualified for the ICT (Intercollegiate Championship Tournament) to be held in Chicago on April 13th.  Louisville currently ranks 19th in the nation among Division II qualifiers.  Fellow KCQRL college Jefferson CTC also had a nice winter, winning its CC Sectional in January, and finishing 5th in the country at the CCCT (Community College Championship Tournament) held in St. Louis on March 1st and 2nd.  The top 5 finish by Jefferson also garners a bid to the ICT.  So both Louisville and Jefferson will again be playing for a Division II championship in Chicago, but it won't be easy, as the top 4 seeds include Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Brown.

The last league match will take place on April 6th at the University of Louisville, and will determine the final season standings.  The annual Coach's meeting will also take place during the tournament.

Louisville Takes Both Divisions at Jefferson Tournament
Division I team makes it 37 straight league wins
December 1st, 2012

The University of Louisville's Academic Teams remained on a roll this past Saturday at the Southwest Campus of Jefferson Community & Technical College.  In a crowded field of 15 teams, Louisville's two teams in Division I finished first and second, and their Division II team topped the field of 7 in Division II to also take home the 1st place trophy.  That is 37 straight league wins in Division I for the Cardinals.

In Division I, Louisville A cleared the field with a 6-0 record, racking up 518 total points, well ahead of 2nd place finisher Louisville B (5-1)
who finished with 364 points.  Miami of Ohio
finished the tournament in 3rd place with
a record of 4-2.  Following Miami were Murray
State and EKU, both with 3-3 records.  Rounding out the field of 8 was UPike, Ohio Southern, and the University of the Cumberlands.

Division II was tougher for Louisville, but the team still managed to clear the field at 5-0.  Down 44-39 to Jefferson A after 38 questions, Louisville rallied to get the last 2 tossups and bonus to win 47-44 in a back and forth match.  Host Jefferson A (4-1) finished in 2nd, with Big Sandy taking 3rd.  Upike finished tied with Big Sandy for 3rd place with an identical record of 3-2, but Big Sandy's victory over Upike gave them 3rd place.  Miami of Ohio, Jefferson B and the University of the Cumberlands also competed in the 7-team Division II field.

The league takes a well deserved break over the holidays before resuming at Murray State on February 9th, 2013.

Louisville Takes Division I Tournament in Pikeville
Big Sandy top team in Division II
October 20, 2012

It has been a long time since University of Louisville's Division I team has lost a league match.  After finishing last season 22-0 in league play, the Cardinals added to that streak with 4 more wins at the University of Pikeville on Saturday, making it 31 wins in a row dating back to last year.  Louisville starts out the 2012-2013 season with a perfect 9-0 record.

Host UPike had a nice showing, finishing the day with a 3-1 record, good for 2nd place.  Miami of Ohio finished in 3rd with a 2-2 record.  Ohio University Southern and Cumberland rounded out the field in Division I.

Division II was won by Big Sandy Community & Technical College in its first
competition of the year, going 4-0 in match play.  Miami of Ohio took 2nd with a 3-1 record, while Pikeville (A) took 3rd place.  Pikeville (B) and Cumberlands also played well in the tournament.

League play takes a break until December 1st, when Jefferson CTC will host its annual 
tournament in Louisville.   Jefferson is also hosting an open mirror of the Delta Burke on November 10th, with all league teams invited to participate.

Louisville Opens Season Strong in Division I & Division II
Division I teams finish on top, as does Division II team
September 15, 2012

The University of Louisville opened the 2012-2013 KCQRL season strong, taking both divisions at the opening match held at the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, Kentucky this past Saturday.    On a partly sunny day, Louisville A edged out Louisville B for first place in Division I, while in Division II the Cardinals beat Pikeville to take the title.

The first tournament of the season saw 6 teams vying for the first place trophy, and Louisville A finished the day perfect at 5-0, with their closest match coming to 3rd place finisher the University of Cumberlands in the first match 62-44.  Louisville B finished 2nd at 4-1, their only loss coming to their counterparts Louisville A.  Pikeville finished tied for 3rd with host Cumberlands, but lost the head-to-head match and had to settle for 4th place.  Ohio University Southern and Eastern Kentucky University rounded out the field, both picking up well deserved wins along the way.

In Division II, Louisville ran the table at 6-0, with their closest match coming in the last round, a 44-26 victory over 2nd place finisher Pikeville.  Pikeville's only 2 losses on the day came to Louisville, and their 4-2 record gauranteed them the 2nd place trophy.  Jefferson finished the tournament 3rd, with Cumberlands finishing 4th.

Long-time Cumberlands coach and tournament director Al Pilant was all smiles at the conclusion of the tournament, saying "I wish I could host 6 times a year."  

The league takes a month off before the next tournament at UPike on October 20th.



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