Amid Covid Pandemic, KCQRL goes Virtual

The 2020-2021 Kentucky Collegiate Quick Recall League kicked off Saturday, October 17, 2020 with a virtual tournament hosted by JCTC via Zoom. The tournament featured 4 teams in Division I, and 4 teams in Division II, playing NAQT set 194A.

In Division I, Louisville B took top honors with a 6-1 record. Finishing in 2nd place was Louisville A at 4-3. Tennessee finished 3rd with a 4-3 record and Eastern Kentucky University finished 4th.

In Division II, Jefferson A cleared the field with a perfect 7-0 record. Tennessee was 2nd, Cumberlands 3rd, and Jefferson B finished 4th overall.

The top 6 scorers in Division I were Dylan Boone (Louisville A), Grace Goff (Louisville B), Parker Bannister (Louisville B), Emily Beltchev (Louisville B), Travis Liebert (Louisville A), and William Barnes (Tennessee).

In Division II, Alex Dennis (Jefferson A) was top scorer with 80 PPG, followed by Danny Tran (Tennessee), Andrew Abner (Jefferson A), Greg Napier (Cumberlands), Liz Stuckenborg (Jefferson B), and Melissa Parsons (Tennessee).